I am principally a photographer, and have experience working with a wide range of subject matter from product shots to portraits, architectural interiors, weddings, travel and reportage.

In my work light comes first and is used or created to define the qualities of whatever is being photographed, so the characteristics of the thing, person, place or occasion are made obvious in the image. I aim to create pictures with depth and atmosphere, and which convey a clear message to the viewer that tells them what to see first and how to feel about it.

I’m as happy working in the studio as on location, and can work to tight or vague briefs, and I pride myself on listening carefully to discover what the pictures need to achieve.

My work has been used in a wide variety of magazines and newspapers, from The Times to The English Garden, and clients include adverting agencies, photographic equipment manufacturers, house builders, private individuals and manufacturers in the electronics industry.

Leica S 007 by Damien Demolder

_DSF2011 bw copy copy

Leica 28mm f1.4 by Damien Demolder

Liverpool Feb 20150182 copy