Pixels twoHow many pixels is enough?

I guess that many of us have programmed ourselves to want more of a good thing, and perhaps also to not know when we have enough.

There’s security in having more than we need, in the stored hoard, in the squirrel’s stash, for when the expected unexpected comes to pass: we crave reassurance that we’ll get by and be equipped to take any situation in our stride. 
There’s a glut of reality TV shows at the moment that deal with those who fill their house with collections of junk and precious belongings.

Do we act in a similarly illogical, paranoid and pathological manner when deciding how many pixels we need in a camera?

In reality, we only actually NEED around 6-millon pixels to take decent picture. Indeed, some of us remember a time not so long ago when we were grateful to aspire to owning so many. The sensor-population we need to accomplish what our style of photography requires or, more accurately, what the means we use to display our pictures demands, is a different matter.

There is no factual figure that determines when we have enough, as we all use our pictures in different ways, but if we are honest with ourselves and look with open eyes at what we do, we will easily see at least how many we don’t need. To read the rest of this article follow this link to the Techradar website