Nitin Gandhi shooting silhouettes and the light reflecting off the tilesGift vouchers for photography courses

A voucher for one of my street courses or a one-to-one learning day is the perfect gift for any photographer of any experience level. There’s no greater feeling than making progress in something you love, or in finding the answers to the questions that have been bothering you for ages.

Whether you pick a street day or a personal day the recipient of your gift will love you for ever, and every time they take a good picture from that day on they’ll remember your kindness and your thoughtful gift.

You can find details of my day courses and night courses on their respective information pages. You can find details about my personal one-to-one courses here, but in short they are designed precisely around the needs of the student and their level of experience or area of interest – so every one is different. They start with a chat on the phone so I can find out what is needed, and it ends with an assessment of the pictures taken on the day – with hints and tips on how they could be better, and what has worked brilliantly.

My aim is always happy and fulfilled students, who know they have learnt a lot and that they’ve had an excellent and enjoyable day. These courses change the way students think about photography, their cameras and the way they see everyday scenes. I aim to make them life-changing.

Gift vouchers are posted to you along with one of my greeting cards, so you can write your own message inside. The price of the voucher reflects the cost of the course.

Street photography courses cost £180

Personal one-to-one days cost £499

Just go to my students’ picture gallery, and read the comments they’ve posted on the day courses page if you want to know what people think.

To buy a voucher email us stating the course you’d like to buy, and we’ll get in touch straight away to sort out the details.




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